Boost is a completely new concept designed to bring together entrepreneurs and representatives of companies in the whole world. Boost offers a place for meeting people and boosting their business, and through weekly coaching, enables not only the company's turnover to grow but also the entrepreneur/representative's own growth. In Boost, active entrepreneurs from different fields and their representatives gather to meet each other, to build new relationships, strengthen old ones and create opportunities for growth and success. 


Boost offers to business members:

Boost Network with weekly meetings

Boost Training program

Boost Finder’s Fee Rewarding program


Boost meetings

Boost Network:  

  • You meet weekly with your chapter
  • You hear the sales pitches of the other participants
  • You can introduce your own company to the others and tell them what kind of boost you need for you of your business today
  • You enjoy a high-quality business breakfast/lunch
  • You get a 15-20 min coaching on one of the topics related to business growth and self-success 
  • You hear what Boost offers you and how to take advantage of it
  • You can set up business meetings with other entrepreneurs

Currently countries & cities Boost is located:

Finland: Boost Espoo

Fridays at 12-14 o´clock

Finland: Boost Helsinki

Thursdays at 7.45-9.45 o´clock

Finland: Boost Tapiola

Fridays at 8-10 o´clock

Finland: Boost Tampere

Thursdays at 8-10 o'clock

Hungary: Boost Budapest

Thursdays 10-12 o'clock

Only on-person meetings!


Our story

Towards the end of 2020 eight highly networked business people from different businesses got the idea to start something new – to unite networking with business coaching and to start generating business leads, for a fee, to each other. The core of Boost was invented! We wanted to establish a way to generate more business, to learn and to grow as a person, to bring value, happiness and success to our network.  

Two Boost chapters started operation in Helsinki, Finland in August 2021. Our first chapter, Boost Espoo (located in Helsinki-area), launched with the support of 35 members and the 2nd chapter, Boost Helsinki, started its journey right after that.  

The plan to have Boost chapters abroad was approved in the spring 2021.  


Our vision

Make friends and more business with Boost! 

It is not about what you can give to Boost – it is about what Boost can give to you. Receive & Give! 

We aim to be the world´s most effective network in generating more new business with the support of a high-quality training program to entrepreneurs and representatives of companies.  


Why does Boost exist?

  • Boost has established a new way of networking and for personal growth. 
  • Boost brings true value to its members. 
  • All Boost’s operations are guided by openness and respect for companies and their representatives. 
  • It is important within Boost that the Boost membership is valued by the members. Boost’s operations are guided by the success of the Boost members. 
  • Boost Coaching focuses on the growth of a Boost member as an entrepreneur or as a representative of his/her company 
  • Boost chapters focus on the quality of the leadsand provides a model that evens the benefits receivedby net lead givers and net lead receivers. 
  • Boost aims to create a venue where companies thrive and where success can be celebrated! 

Boost concept in a nutshell

Weekly meetings with your own network of 25-50 people.  

Membership Fee (choose one)

  • 300 eur quarterly (+VAT) 

The training program

  • 20-min training each week
  • Comprehensive Training (½ day) 4 times per annum

Finder’s Fee: Earn money whilst generating leads to other members 

  • Finder’s Fee amounts to 10 % of sales margin of the Deal 
  • The one generating the Lead will receive 70 % of the Finder’s Fee.  



Are you interested in opening your own chapter?

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Boost Journey: Meet new people, generate high-quality business leads, make friends, and let the coaching program create a better version of yourself.